Why do we give our energy to this system. Just stop participating is the key!!

Tabitha talks about:

-Vaccination: a tool of multigenerational miscegenational bioweaponry

-The biggest psyop of all time

-Aajonus Vonderplantiz cancer and viruses (audio)

-Amazog aiming to halt hiring Whites by 2023


Tabitha talks about:

-Summoning the dead

-Cleansing the lymph system

-Dangers of fortified iron

-Medical problems on the rise

-Meat eating vs. vegetarianism

-The Seaspiracy psyop

-Primer on raw foods and the truth about weight

Mike and Tabitha discuss:

-'Racist' cheese and the agenda to villainize Aryan sustenance

-Asian 'hate' hoax exposed as snare to promote 'White supremacy'

-Plague rabbis and "germ" toys go full on talmudic

-Anti-White allopathy and Libertarian tards

Polio documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq9gRYdxFm8

Mike and Tabitha discuss:

-Mike's adventures while exercising

-The Fed is 'overwhelmingly White and male' libtard snare

-Low quality people and the propping up of the system

-J&J vaccination causes blood clots

-OYYID-AI microchips destroy immunity

-Hipster avocado toasts and 'killing your ego'

-Movie theaters close, go bowling instead

-The Tucker Carlson psyop


Just a reminder NWPCU will be live tomorrow 04/14/21 @ 2pm EST. Tabitha will be co-hosting again for a great broadcast. So join us for laughs, info, the esoteric and the usual debasing of this fake system. Be there!! Plus maybe your phone calls....and much much more

This show originally aired April 6, 2020.  

Tabitha goes over some news stories related to the 'virus crisis,' and then orates from the book Virus Mania.  

Tabitha talks about:

-The hoax of modern medicine and its toxic 'treatments'

-Dis-ease: the power that heals the body

-The polio hoax

-Life expectancy myth

-Birth traumas and assaults

-Goose egg nutrition

-Immortality and supercentenarians 

On this groovy part 2 esoteric episode Mike and Tabitha discuss:   

-Terrence McKenna's OYYID-AI thoughts

-George Floyd pressure cooker

-Delicious Chinese food

-Homosexuality as spiritual vampirism

-RH negative and the Basque

On this groovy esoteric episode Mike and Tabitha discuss: 

-Only fans perversions

-Arkansas gov wants children to be trannies

-Caste systems, waffle houses and cancel culture

-Chinese roots and Ancient Aryans

-Stolen birthrights and holy lands

-Phoenicians, Timucuan tribes and the Fed

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